Points for Bangs!

These are points that one should consider while going for human hair lace wigs with bangs.

  • Types of Bangs: There are several types of bangs available in the market. They vary from style to style. The basic ones are:
    • Long
    • Short
    • Parted (center, side)
    • Wavy

One should be mindful of the chosen style of the bang, especially with regards to the facial structure and the style of the wig.

  • Bangs that Suit your Style

Bangs do not always go with everything. Usually, only a specific style ofbangs goes with the look you have.It is advised to go for a wig that looks good on you. The same is said for the bangs.

  • Extra Care

Bangs require extra care, even more than the rest of your wig.Since they rest on your face throughout the day, they tend to get greasy and stick on your face.They need regular washes and time to set.

  • Hide your Hairline

Bangs are suited for newbies who are new to the concept of wigs. Why? Because with bangs, they don’t have the worry about exposing their hairline, or the fact that they are wearing a wig.

Dos and Don’ts:

This is a list of a few must do’s and don’t regarding your wig.


  • Learn how to maintain: Maintenance is essential for any kind of wig. Without proper maintenance, the life and quality of the wig reduce subsequently.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner: It is best to use the shampoos and the conditioner that is for wigs to clean them.
  • Stylist: If you are uncertain about your skills, it is best to take the wig to a wig stylist for styling and maintenance.
  • When not in use: Always keep the wig covered and upright when not in use to avoid tangles and unnecessary cleaning.


  • Use hair spray: Hair spray or any spray damages the wigs. It is best to avoid them if possible.
  • Apply Heat: Synthetic wigs are not immune to heat as the hair strands may melt. However, heat is also not advised for the human hair wigs since they can damage hair. So, blow dryers, curling irons, and straightener are a big no-no.
  • Sleep or Shower: No, we are not stopping you from sleeping and showering. But we are telling you not to do that while wearing a wig.
  • Your hair: Sure, it is nice to take care of your wigs and look good. But do not forget about your real hairs and take care of them equally. Wigs are just an accessory.

Wigs, especially human hair wig add to your personality. They look good and add appeal in your everyday style. With the array of styles available in the market, don’t let your social circle or your wallet decide for you and pick a wig that compliments you. It is you that matters the most.