Are you thinking about conducting video interviews for your next job opening? Discover how professional and efficient it can be.

As more remote work comes onto the scene, video interviews have become an increasingly common way of screening candidates and interviewing. Conducting such an interview requires considerable preparation as well as knowledge of the tools needed for its successful execution.

To conduct an effective video interview, it's imperative that you utilize appropriate interview software and follow best practices that allow for professional interviewing practices. With this definitive guide, we cover everything you need to know about conducting interviews. 

From choosing appropriate video interview software to preparation and assessment – we have everything sorted for you below for conducting professional video interviews and finding the next candidate!

So, let's dive in together and learn the techniques of professional video interviews, which can lead to finding exactly the candidate your team requires!

Tips To Conduct Video Interviews Professionally

Now we have come to the primary segment of the article where we have highlighted some of the most effective tips to conduct video interviews that can assist you with the results as per your expectations. Check it out:

  1. Select an Appropriate Interview Management System

Employing an interview management system can make the scheduling and conducting of video interviews simpler than ever before. With such software, you're able to schedule interviews, invite candidates for interviews and handle all aspects of the process from one central place - saving both time and energy! There are various interview management solutions on the market, so make sure you select one which meets the unique requirements of your organization.

  1. Prepare for a Video Interview

As with any interview, video interviews require careful preparation in advance. This should involve reviewing both the resume and cover letter of candidates as well as creating a list of questions for them and familiarizing yourself with any video interview software used during the interview process. You should also secure an area which provides a private yet professional ambience where interviews may take place.

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  1. Perform A Preliminary Inspection 

Before commencing an interview, ensure to thoroughly test all equipment, including camera, microphone and internet connections as well as install the latest version of video interview software on your computer. This ensures a successful experience during any encounters or interviews that follow.

  1. Set Clear Expectations

It is crucial that candidates understand exactly what to expect during an interview process, from providing details of its length, requirements or instructions they should adhere to as well to knowing who they'll be speaking to and how they can reach you should any technical difficulties arise during their meeting with you.

  1. Hire Freelance Interviewer

If you don't have time for conducting interviews yourself, outsourcing may be one of the more cost-effective solutions to ensure a stress-free interview experience and find suitable candidates quickly and effortlessly. Freelance interviews could even save time as well!

  1. Employ Professional Communication

To be effective during an interview, it is critical that one uses professional communication techniques such as speaking clearly and concisely while using appropriate language and maintaining an unflappable professional demeanour throughout. Listen closely when responding to candidates, as you may need follow-up questions as necessary.

  1. Interview Assessment

After conducting the interview, it's critical that you carefully assess both candidates' responses and overall performances - this includes their qualifications, skills, experience as well as communication style and personality traits. In addition, take notes during each session so everyone is on the same page when discussing hiring decisions with other members of your hiring team.

Final Thoughts

Conducting professional video interviews is an integral component of hiring candidates for any position within your organization. By following the tips outlined here, you can ensure your interviews run efficiently and successfully, leading you to hire only top candidates for your business. Whether using an interview management system, interview as a service approach, freelance interviewers or conducting the interviews yourself - be prepared, professional and focused on finding suitable talent!