4c Edges Wig Curly Baby Hair Type 4C Edges Hairline Wig Glueless Undetectable Lace Front Wig Like Growing Right from the Head,Perfect Alternative for Sleek Baby Hair.Mslynn have 13X4 lace frontal wig, 13X6 lace frontal wig and 5X5 lace closure wig,all lace wigs are made of premium human hair.Many kinds of realistic wigs for choice,with different lengths.

Step 1: Finish your wig install and style your wig
Before styling 4c edges on 4c Hairline Wig, the first thing you need to do is install your wig with the correct method. Make sure your wig is done and confirm the hairstyle. Whether you’re rocking a high bun, half up half down, braid, or something entirely different go ahead and style your wig.

Step 2(optional): Cut and pluck your 4c edges babe hair
4c edges wigs come with thick and long enough(4c babe hair looks short before wetting and styling) Type 4 Hairline Wig, to satisfy different demands. If you prefer subtle babe hair, you can cut the babe hair with a small scissor, to the length you want. And you can also pluck some of them to get thin edges.

Step 3: Moisturize the edges
Apply gel, strong edges control gel or other holding product to your edges. Be generous with the product, because if you don't use enough, you won't get the sleekness or hold you need for a good result.

Step 4: Define the curls
Now it's time to define the beautiful curls for your edges babe hair. Place the brush on top of the roots of your 4c edges and work your way forward, turning the brush as needed to create swoops and swirls.

Use your fingers to hold your edges down whenever you change directions with the toothbrush/edges brush. If it did not achieve the perfect shape you want, use the end of the rat tail comb to gently adjust the edges until you get the result you crave.

Step 5: Wrap your edges and let them dry
Wrap your edges with a silk scarf and tie it tightly. Wait until the gel dries. It may take 15-30 minutes in general. You can also choose to use a blow dryer with the proper temperature setting. After the edges dry, take off the scarf.

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