As soon as the illusory figure was shocked, it collapsed and turned into endless lightning. It came directly to the young man marked by the lightning. The sound of banging echoed. The young man's body collapsed in an instant and turned into a piece of black ash to dissipate. His primordial spirit was even tighter by the lightning. When Wang Lin turned around, it was like the thunder of the whole world was absorbed by him, and the thunder returned to Wang Lin's right eye in an instant. The lightning mark in Wang Lin's right pupil became clearer and clearer. All this was done in an instant, and the man with a flame totem between his eyebrows shrank his eyes, showing unimaginable fear and horror on his face, and his forward body was about to retreat. As Wang Lin turned around, his eyes fell on the man of the flame totem. Fire? Wang Lin's sarcasm is stronger! The left eye had flames rising from the sky in an instant, and a sea of fire was scattered outside the body in an instant, directly enveloping the surrounding area of hundreds of feet. The man of the flame totem was pale and wanted to retreat, but at the moment he was surrounded by a sea of fire. Struggling, he immediately roared in a low voice. The wings formed by the flames behind him flapped, but immediately a large number of flames came out of his body and surrounded him, forming a huge flame storm. After the storm, he went straight to Wang Lin. In the process of moving forward, his hands pinched the formula, and strange incantations came from his mouth. Immediately, more flames came out of his body and filled the air around him, forming a grab of flames. With a roar, he rushed to Wang Lin! With a wave of Wang Lin's right hand, the sea of fire, which had a radius of hundreds of feet, suddenly seemed to be boiling, sweeping crazily close to the flame totem. This is a fight between fire and fire! Two kindred, but different, human-controlled flames collide with each other in the twinkling of an eye,Cold Drawn Tubes, and the roar is earth-shaking. Finally, with a bang, the young man of the flame totem rushed out of the sea of fire, and the flame wings behind him were like rosefinch wings, with a purple flame, approaching Wang Lin. A man is not a man, a bird is not a bird! It's just a freak out of bounds! The flame of Wang Lin's left eye filled his whole body, and immediately a pair of rosefinch armor appeared on his body. At this moment, he was like the ancient Vulcan! The young man of the flame totem was crazy at the moment of watching this scene. His eyes showed disbelief. He lost his voice and said,stainless steel tube 304, "Holy Armor!" "Burn!" Wang Lin's eyes showed indifference and murder. He raised his left hand and pointed to the flame totem youth in the air! Under this finger, the young man's body immediately trembled violently, his eyes were shocked beyond description, and his screams immediately came out of his mouth, but a flame burst out of his body and burned himself! As a member of the Fire Sparrow clan, he lived with fire all his life and never thought that one day he would be eaten back by fire! The flame, which has always been controlled freely, seems to have completely betrayed itself in the face of the people in front of it, as if it had met its true master! Screams echoed, and with a bang, the young man's body became ashes, but at the moment when his body dissipated, the young man raised his head to the sky with a sharp roar, and in the burning of the primordial spirit, a curse came out. In the name of the Fire Sparrow Clan, please welcome the spirit of the clan! At the moment when its voice sounded, its primordial spirit collapsed, and little crystal light turned into flames, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,precision welded tubes, forming an illusory rosefinch! The whole body of the rosefinch was black, and the heat filled the air. It didn't seem like a rosefinch, but more like a Firebird with a magnified body! With hostility, it tore the sky and went straight to Wang Lin! Wang Lin cold hum, with the left eye flashing, the body immediately has a real rosefinch song came out, at the same time, a white rosefinch, suddenly outside Wang Lin's body. This is the real rosefinch! As soon as it appeared, it immediately stared at the big black Firebird, showing the color of contempt, without Wang Lin's control, it rushed out directly with a neigh, and in an instant, the half of the world it was in immediately became a sea of fire, devouring the big Firebird. The big black Firebird hissed up, but obviously had the intention of retreating. "One of your people, from now on, deprive me of the right to exercise fire!" As Wang Lin's words came out, the rosefinch and the black Firebird collided! The sound of the roar, the black Firebird immediately collapsed, there is no resistance, as if met the ancestors, and as if the false sparrow met the real sparrow! After its collapse into the flame, immediately swallowed by the rosefinch, but also together with the spirit of the black Firebird, also all swallowed into the mouth, this moment, the flame of the whole world, all belong to Wang Lin! The rosefinch looked up to the sky and hissed, so excited that there was a sign of a third awakening! Its whole body flame keeps climbing, higher and higher, stronger and stronger! In this scene, the young man with crescent marks between his eyebrows changed dramatically, and finally he was pale. His whole body was dripping with cold sweat. At the moment just now, he could not see each other's figure at all. Everything was just a moment, and it seemed to be over! Especially think of the other side in the nihility hit the master, although the master said afterwards, this person is really vulnerable! Without any hesitation, the young man with crescent marks between his eyebrows immediately retreated, frantically fleeing from this terrible existence, as if the closer he was to this man, the more frightened he was, and his mind would collapse. In the past, the slaves dared to call themselves the way of heaven in front of me! Wang Lin stared at each other coldly and said the words that scared the young man out of his wits! Chapter 1208 of the seventh volume explains the ancient covenant. Chapter 1208 untie the ancient covenant. "I am not a slave!" The crescent young man suddenly turned around and roared ferociously at Wang Lin. Wang Lin looked at the young man coldly, and the rosefinch flame around him became more and more intense. The first time he met this young man, it was in the battle between nothingness and Mochizuki that this man appeared outside the boundary, forming a whirlpool, in an attempt to take Mochizuki away! This man was extremely arrogant at that time, and once said proudly that in the eyes of Wang Linyu, he was the way of heaven! At that time, Wang Lin was extremely shocked, but the more he knew, the colder the eyes of the young man who looked at the crescent mark became. The slaves of the ancient gods, who were sheltered by the power of the ancient gods in ancient times, are the people who devour the moon! In the cold hum, Wang Lin stepped forward,stainless steel 304 pipes, clenched his fist with his right hand and hit it directly forward. The power of the ancient gods was contained, and immediately the sound of breaking the air echoed, as if to shatter the world and go straight to the swift approach of the young man.